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  • Teacher Wellness

    7 Ways to Identify and Overcome Self-Criticism

    How you think about yourself matters to your teaching practice, and these tips can help you persevere through moments of self-doubt.
    Kailyn Fullerton
  • Technology Integration

    How to Encourage Physical Computing in Elementary School

    With simple coding options available, elementary school teachers can incorporate computer science across content areas.
  • New Teachers

    6 Things to Consider Before Leaving Teaching

    The demands of teaching can definitely take a toll—to the point that you might feel like you need a change. But before you make that decision, it’s important to make a clear assessment. 
  • Learning Environments

    Telling the Story of Learning in Displays of Student Work

    By sharing photographs, objectives, and samples in hallways and on bulletin boards, pre-K educators can shift from decorating to documenting learning—and both students and families benefit.
  • STEM

    A STEM Project That Connects to Students’ Interest in Social Movements

    A personally and socially relevant project ties what middle school students study in science class to developments in the world around them.
  • Literacy

    13 Picture Books for Young Students About Learning How to Read

    Reading about reading can help put young learners on the path to becoming lifelong readers, and these books will inspire them.
  • Technology Integration

    A New Resource for Free Digital Field Trips

    Museums for Digital Learning was developed in partnership with teachers and provides curated material on a variety of subjects.
  • Student Engagement

    6 Activities That Inspire A Goal-Setting Mindset In Students

    From daily sticky notes to multi-week hopes and dreams conferences, here are six activities to help foster a goal-setting (and goal-achieving) mentality in students.
  • Student Engagement

    Encouraging Shy Students to Speak Up in Class

    Advice for creating a supportive environment where shy students feel comfortable participating—from a teacher who was one of those students.
  • The Research Is In

    The Research on Life-Changing Teaching

    What really moves the needle for educators, and by extension their students?

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